Full Service Land Surveying

We provide a wide range of survey options – from site plans, dock permit surveys, topographic surveys, adjusting lot line services, and many more. We can handle every surveying and construction planning job for your project. Take our Questionnaire for help choosing the survey that is right for you. Look through our most common survey options for a more descriptive definition of each service.

Since 1991, Schwacke & Associate has developed the industry-leading experience for land surveying and construction planning. Whatever your survey needs, we can provide you with the planning you need to get your project done – on time and with precise results.

We always go into a land surveying job with the entire project in mind. We are mindful of the environment, living conditions of people that will be occupying the land or surrounding it, and the impact of the project. At Schwacke & Associates, you will receive plats and plans from surveyors who look at the big picture. We care about our city, just like you.

Attention to detail – it’s why we have a reputation for being the best. We bring a combined 80 years of experience in the surveying field to every project. Our field team is highly trained, and our management team leads the way in service and project management. You will receive the highest level of service and results from beginning to end with Schwacke & Associates!

Combining our expertise with state-of-the-art tools, we lead the way in both service and results. When it comes to construction projects, experience matters. Save yourself money and regret and go with Schwacke & Associates for your land surveying needs!

Land Surveying Services

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