Tree & Topography

This is a combination of a Tree Survey and Topography Survey and provides the elevations and contours of the land along with details on the trees on the land. The topography portion of this survey will cover existing features of the land including elevations, contours, buildings, streets, trees, walkways, rivers, creeks, etc. For any trees on the property, the tree survey portion will identify the location, size, and details of the trees.

Develop plans for your construction project with an accurate map from Schwacke & Associates. With a survey from Schwacke & Associates showing proper elevation and location of elements on your land, you can develop plans with confidence. We bring a combined 80 years of experience to every project. From start to finish, our team has a superior level of service and performance that you won’t find in any other surveying company. This is why we’ve been an established surveying company in the Charleston area since 1991. We were founded on surveying excellence, and we work every day to continue the tradition of precision and consistency the Schwacke team is known for.

As members of your community, we care about the impact of new construction on the land and surrounding areas. Following the latest codes, regulations, and industry standards, we provide thorough results with quick turn-around. Using state-of-the-art tools means surveying is completed sooner, more precise, and at a more cost-efficient price than our competitors. We value quality and our goal is to meet the highest standard possible on every project quickly and accurately.

Choose the team that has been surveying Charleston since 1991. With your needs and schedule in mind, we will provide industry-leading results in record time, all at a great value.

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