Tree Survey

Tree Surveys identify the location and details of trees on a parcel of land. With the survey, you can make informed decisions regarding construction and possible removal. The survey will list the type and size of trees located on your land, useful for designing your structure and meeting tree ordinances.

Whether you are a homeowner or a developer, a tree survey from Schwacke & Associates will meet your needs. Learn more about the trees that are on your land, meet tree ordinances, and develop your construction plans with the latest and most accurate results. Develop your plans with confidence knowing the Schwacke team brings a combined 80 years of experience and over 20 years of superior reputation to every job. Not only will we provide the best results, with state-of-the-art equipment, we will provide industry-leading accuracy at a faster pace and for a better value than our competitors. When you choose Schwacke, you choose the best.

We are members of your community. We care about Charleston, just like you. When we begin surveying, we look at the full scope of the project and consider the impact of development on the community. We value accuracy and reliability because we want the best for our home. We know you do too. We invest in the future of our city with long-term planning and great attention to detail. Choose the company that you can count on. Whether for residential or commercial surveying, we can meet your needs.

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