DHEC-OCRM Critical Line Survey

The DHEC-OCRM has direct jurisdiction over any activities along the critical areas in South Carolina’s waterways including the coastal waters, tidelands and beach/dune systems. The critical line is the boundary for these systems and projects involving the critical line require a DHEC-OCRM permit. Before beginning your dock, bulkhead, boat ramp or other alteration, let us perform a Critical Line Survey and complete the process for your permit. Over time, this line can change. Receiving an updated critical line survey is important for purchasing, building upon, improving, or selling property located near a waterway.

Protect yourself and South Carolina’s beloved waterways with a Critical Line Survey from Schwacke & Associates. This essential survey should be done by a reputable and reliable company. You can rely on our team to provide you with the results you require to meet the needs for your DHEC-OCRM permit.

We care about the impact of construction on the community, especially when it comes to Charleston’s wetlands and waterways. This is why we are committed to providing accurate and consistent results. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with a collective 80 years of surveying experience means we are the leading survey company in Charleston. You can rely on our maps and build with confidence.

Not only will we provide the best results, we will provide industry-leading accuracy at a faster pace and for a better value than our competitors. When you choose Schwacke, you choose the best.

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