Topographic Survey

Define the contours and elevations of the ground and existing features on your land. With a detailed topographic map, you will know the exact location and elevation of features on your property including trees, buildings, rivers, creeks, man holes, streets, walkways, and more. The topographic survey is often used as a base to develop construction and improvement plans on the land. With a detailed topographic survey from Schwacke & Associates, you can build with confidence. Our team has been established in Charleston since 1991. Our founder, Buddy Schwacke has over 50 years of surveying experience, a passion he has passed to his son Kevin who has over 30 years of experience and leads the Schwacke team. Combined, our company has over 80 years of surveying experience. We bring this knowledge, skill, and passion to every project. You will receive not only the collective skill of our team, but also the quality service that we are known for. Using state-of-the-art tools, we can complete surveys with greater accuracy in less time than our competitors, saving you time and money.

As members of your community, we care about what happens here. We keep the big picture in mind and consider the impact of the project on the land and surrounding communities. This is why we value accuracy and consistency. Your families live here and what we help plan has an impact on them and all Charleston residents. We invest in the future of our city with long-term planning and great attention to detail. Choose the company that you can count on. Whether for residential or commercial surveying, we can meet your needs.

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