About Us

A. H. Schwacke & Associates brings experience and technology together for quality land surveying. For over 27 years, we’ve served the tri-county area with full service land surveying. Our state-of-the-art technology means we provide industry leading accuracy and results for our clients.

We provide all of your construction surveying needs for residential and commercial projects. From site plans, Final Elevation Certificates, construction stakeouts, benchmark elevations, and much more, our team can get your site prepped and ready to build. Feel confident in your construction knowing the Schwacke team has provided your surveying needs with precision and consistency.

After all, safety and accuracy are our highest priorities. Following the latest codes, regulations, and industry recommendations, we develop plats and surveys with full consideration of the final project.

All in the Family

Owner and founder, A. H. “Buddy” Schwacke, III, PLS, founded the company in 1991. He practiced surveying and construction planning for over 50 years, working as surveyor for the U.S. Navy and Sigma Engineering & Surveying before starting his own company.

Kevin M. Schwacke, Sr., PLS, followed in his father’s footsteps and began his surveying career in 1985 with Southeastern Surveying. When Buddy retired, Kevin took over the daily running of Schwacke & Associates. For over 30 years, Kevin has developed the technical and managerial skills needed to run a surveying and construction planning company. He is using his experience to bring exceptional service to his clients.

Our Team

Tracy Blewer
Office Manager

Tracy joined the Schwacke team in 2005. She keeps the business going, handling customer service, AP, AR, contracts, job orders, insurance, OCRM requests, and applications to the local planning departments.

Kimberly Palomo
Project Manager

Kim joined our team in 2018 while going to school to earn her degree in Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering from The Citadel. Kim enjoys competitive soccer in her spare time.

Beth Maull
Office Assistant

Beth is the newest member of our team, starting in the office in 2017. She helps keep the office running smoothly and provides customer service.

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