Survey Questionnaire

Our survey questionnaire will help you determine the best option for your construction project. At A.H. Schwacke & Associates, we provide a wide range of surveying and construction preparation services. Use our questionnaire to help you find exactly what you need quickly. Just one more way we are providing accuracy and efficiency for you.

1. Are you preparing for a construction project?
Site Plans, Benchmark Elevation, Foundation Survey, Pre-Construction Elevation Certificate, Setback Clarifications, Ridge Heights Survey, Boundary Survey

2. Do you need a stake out to prepare your land for construction?
Construction Stakeout, Rough Stake, ARB Layout

3. Do you need a survey to determine elevation for the National Flood Insurance Program and FEMA?
Elevation Certificate, Pre-Construction Elevation Certificate, Under Construction Elevation Certificate, Final Elevation Certificate

4. Are you building near water or wetlands?
Dock Permit Survey, DHEC-OCRM Critical Line Survey, Wetland Survey

5. Do you need ensure your improvements are within boundaries and meet zoning regulations?
Setback Clarifications, Ridge Heights Survey, Foundation Survey, Boundary Survey

6. Do you wish to know more about the trees, buildings, and other features of the land you are building on?
Boundary Survey, Tree & Topography Survey, Topographic Survey, Tree Survey, Ridge Heights Survey, Benchmark Elevation

7. Are you meeting codes and zoning regulations during your construction?
As-Built Survey, Under Construction Elevation Certificate, Final Elevation Certificate, Final As-Built Surveys

8. Are you developing a subdivision or combining lots/defining lot lines?
Subdivision Survey, Combining Lots and Adjusting Lot Line

9. Do you want the most detailed and highest level of survey available?
ALTA Survey

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